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I believe we all have ghosts that haunt us and monsters inside of us.   Ghosts are more than haunts, and the stories about them can be more about the fears in life than in death.  The wolf is untamed aggression, vampires seek immortality at the expense of others, and Frankenstein's monster is really about the monsters we are, not in the creations we project on others.  Here, you will find short stories, illustrations, and a novel in progress that question reality and the nature of monsters and ghosts that haunt us. 


Flash Fiction and Illustration
The Ghost Artist

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Man with a Gift

In some ways, I am afraid to share these pictures and stories.  Many people don't believe in ghosts, and some people might even think I'm crazy.  I hate to admit this, but I have wondered about it too.   Sometimes I wonder if what I see aren't necessarily ghosts, but what most people choose to ignore.

This was a strange ghost.  I saw him in the hallway at my dentist office, just holding a box that he was waiting to present to someone like a gift.  In a way, he inspired me, because he seems so determined and patient to give this gift.  Maybe my drawing these portraits and sharing what I see is my way of giving a gift.




Artist Statement

As the world gets further enthralled with technology, we hardly notice the people and world around us, let alone the unseen.  I am using this blog to write about the ghosts I see, to sort of process why I can see them.

I'm not crazy, but somethings cannot be explained.  Since I was a young girl, I could see people who weren't really there.  The first ghost I remember is that of my mother, the woman in white here.

You can read more about this painting here.  

It's not easy to share something this intimate, but I'm tired of being alone in what I see and experience.  There are more stories to share than just my own.

I am an artist, and I see ghosts, and since you can’t take pictures of ghosts, I draw them.

New Ghost Updates


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